a day too long

March 29, 2008 at 3:52 am (Uncategorized)

Let’s see what happened today. I worked for so many hours it seems. I had to get up early to do my observations and I spent the day a school nearby, in a fifth grade class. The day was so LONG, and drawn out, that I though I would soon cry out in exhaustion and frustration. The teacher, Ms. J, was sweet and yet determined, but all she did was REPRIMAND. Please sit down, stop talking, stop talking, pay attention, listen! and on and on she went with this and that.

By the end of the day all I wanted to do was cry out and  surrender. For this is the reason that I CANNOT and WILL NOT teach any grade but older students. I can’t imagine standing up there yelling and screaming all day. How can that be satisfying? There was no learning taking place in that classroom, nothing but waiting for this and that. Waiting for class to begin and for everyone to be quiet, waiting for the bathroom and for the water fountain, and for this and that…… I left the class with an aching head and an empty stomach. Even though I was given a hot lunch, I forced it down my throat. It was pizza packaged in plastic, and it was half frozen and half cooked, and the pepperoni tasted like it had been sitting there for years. Even the chocolate milk was too warm to drink. But, the students acted as if it was Thanksgiving dinner or something! They devoured the food, and left nothing on their lunch trays.  So, that was my long and strenuous day at W Elementary School. I was tired of smiling, I’ll tell you honestly. My face muscles are exhausted and tired of the act. They really are.



  1. Dorothy W. said,

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to teach elementary school! I have a sister who does it, and I don’t know how she manages. I hope you find a job you’ll really like!

  2. Courtney said,

    I feel really badly for the kids enjoying the frozen pizza and chocolate milk! My mom always made my lunch for me so I never garnered a taste for that kind of food. It makes me sad to think it’s training them to enjoy the taste of those lunches!
    Which, you know, I realize isn’t the point of your post!

  3. TheElementary said,

    I too hope you find happiness in work. I once wanted to teach but I see it’s so tied up in red tape and bureaucracy that I understood I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Find something you love and enjoy where you’ll be appreciated.

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