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March 26, 2008 at 1:50 am (Uncategorized)

I had about a week off again for vacation, and tomorrow I begin the rush of school/hw/classes again, but I don’t want to go back just yet. Apart of me misses the social scene, eating lunch and dinner with my friends, and tutoring and mentoring — but the other part of me just wants to stay home and let the world pass me by. I keep forgetting that I am graduating in May. Yes, this May! 

I had an interview last week at high school nearby which I didn’t get. I was really disappointed after I found out. It was one of those interviews that you didn’t really know what to say afterward. It just felt weird. I was interviewed by two older men who looked at me skeptically from the beginning. I tried my best in the interview, and I threw in my knowledge of books and such, but still I could tell they weren’t interested in all that. They hadn’t even looked at my resume and all my accomplishments either. So…that’s that I guess. But, I have another interview next week at a middle school. AHHH!!! I might have to teach middle school!!! This thought really leaves me feeling a little upset, just because I really don’t want to teach a bunch of hormone-raging adolescents….I don’t want to teach grammar/punctuation/etc…I want to teach actual literature. I don’t know. I really don’t know. AHHHH!!!  

But, I went to the library tonight to see one of my favorite librarians and we talked as she worked for about an hour. I miss working there! But, apart of me is over it, I think. I need to get over things sometimes that I just don’t want to. I was telling my sister the other day that I had more friends in that library than I did in my entire high school. There are so many memories there. I met so many people and I miss it.  

I told S all about Ireland and I even pulled up some pictures from the computer, and she really admired the beautiful scenery…It’s just nice to feel connected to the world again. After being very reclusive the past couple of days, it feels good to get out and talk to people again, besides my family anyway. Some people just make you feel happy to be alive and S is one of those people. I could talk to her about whatever for hours. I used to love working with her at the circulation desk for this very reason. We would talk and sometimes get in trouble by our supervisor because of it. But we would only laugh it off and continue to chat. Libraries were made for conversation, weren’t they?  

For my modern novel class I have to read The Sound and the Fury, and I just began it the other day – yes on my VACATION! I never read it before but I feel as though I will really need to go back and reread soon. I am almost done with the first section, and things are very hazy in my mind. All the action seems disconnected and it is really hard to follow what exactly is going on. I think its steam of consciousness maybe? But, I have learned that as a reader, we aren’t supposed to connect every single detail that we read. So I learned to be patient and calm and just keep reading in the hope that the pieces will soon come together. But still – this story is insane! It’s insane and yet so intriguing.  

During the break, I wrote and illustrated (with the help of my sister and mom) my very own children’s book! It’s my final project for my education class and I decided to do a book on the life of Langston Hughes. All I can say about my book is that it’s very beautiful, colorful, and full of life – it screams READ ME!!! I think I will reflect on the book later though because I should get some more reading done before bed. Good night!



  1. TheElementary said,

    Congratulations on finishing a children’s book 🙂
    This is a link to one of my favourite television shows ever: it’s called “Black Books.” Two book store friends write a children’s book and it’s hilarious; their other friend bets them they can’t. I love it. I thought of this when you said you had written one 🙂 You may like it too.

    part 1– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlYr9zAJhBM
    part 2– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhcrdvlajiE
    part 3- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKwzNbGUuC4

    Post some more pictures of Ireland sometime! I commented a while back on your Dingle trip. Good to see you writing regularly 🙂

  2. TheElementary said,

    Permalink No Comments

    For some reason it says “0 comments” here even though I’ve left one…I don’t understand. Hopefully this one will show up and you’ll see I wrote something. If I see 0 comments on my blog, I don’t open the post…so I hope this works.

  3. hepzibah said,

    I will post some more Ireland pics soon! I’m glad that you like them 🙂

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