the egg boy

March 25, 2008 at 2:20 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, so I am putting in a valiant effort everyday to write, even if it is just for a little while. First, I hope everyone had a nice relaxing Easter. I spent the day relaxing, talking, and eating mostly.  

Anyway, I want to share a story that the priest shared during his homely. It really struck me and I want to share it with you. Please listen if you have the time. During CCD (after school religious program) the teacher

gave each 2nd grade student a colorful plastic egg. She then instructed them to go outside and find something

 that symbolized rebirth inside – so the students did as they were told and scampered around the small pieceof land in search of the most beautiful flower or leaf. When they scuttled back into the classroom, they proudly placed their eggs into a wicker basket. As the teacher opened each egg she found many flowers, leafs, berries, petals, but she frowned when she opened one egg and found nothing inside.   

“Who’s egg is this?” The teacher asked.

“It’s mine!” The boy shouted without hesitation from the back of the classroom. This boy was always picked on. He had Down Syndrome. The other students always berated him for this reason or that and said things like “You never do anything right.”

“You didn’t do the assignment,” the teacher said.

“BUT, I did do the assignment,” he countered. The teacher and the students turned to face him. “There is nothing in the egg, because there was nothing in the tomb.”  The class remained silent and the teacher smiled. ***         

This boy died a few weeks later. He was truly a boy from another place. All I could think was the Romantics and how only the children can truly see the truth of life and meaning and purpose. During his funeral service, each student from his class brought an egg and placed it in a basket near his grave.  

Now I look at Easter in such a different way. I think of this child. This child who spoke the truth before he left this world in hopes of a better one.



  1. hepzibah said,

    this is a true story!

  2. TheElementary said,

    This is an AMAZING story. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful words. Children are something else, aren’t they? Great imagination and ways of seeing things that adults have forgotten about…
    Please do write every day, even if it’s little! Your words are far more thoughtful and insightful than a lot of blogs out there. I like the kind of writing that makes us think, and it timeless. I don’t only want to read about the latest political event or current television shows- those news items become obsolete within weeks or months. Feelings and thoughts are eternal and those stories will last forever.

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